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period drama + siblings
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tv meme [1/5] favorite ships: ben wyatt & leslie knope

"He loved her in a subtle kind of way. It wasn’t the kind of love you see in movies, with swelling music and giant gestures and running through the streets to catch a departing train. It wasn’t the kind of love that Byron or Shakespeare wrote about, with flowery language and hyperbole and iambic pentameter. It was still and deep, like water you might mistake for shallow if you just watched the surface. It was entirely his, not dependent on her own feelings for him, and it would still be there whether she, or him, or everyone else on the world disappeared. It was a subtle kind of love, but it was true. And she loved him just the same.”

He said that you told him how much you love me. About how you feel when I walk in a room, and about how, you’ve never doubted for a second that I’m the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Fitz and Mellie in 2x14


hello, i’m beatrice. i had n o t h i n g m u c h t o d o so i made this channel.


NMTD: Project VI - Montage


NMTD: Parallels with Ben and Bea (volume I)

Because I knew you…

Nothing Much To Do is a webseries, a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, set as a high school AU in New Zealand. [watch]

Do you wanna know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can’t savor all the little emotions. You see, in their last moments, people show you who the really are. So in a way I knew your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were cowards?

I don’t think I ever expected anything like an Oscar ever, to tell you the truth. That is not my motivation when I do these roles. I really am motivated by being able to work with great people and create a body of work that I can look back and be proud of.- Leonardo DiCaprio

So you do love me. So you love me with all your heart. I’m babelicious. I have da booty.” x


Productive use of time… when there’s nothing much to do